Subject: Research Program "GLOBAL SCIENCE" for using the new/recent results in physics (Circular I)
From: "Iulian Somacescu"
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 02:02:51 +0200
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First Circular-Letter (from WYP2005)to all who are involved inpromoting the useful science*

Dear Colleagues

Attainment of new results in physics (please see,  has been posible by inversion of  standard analysis method. In the first stage I have plased on the table, all points of physical results obtained experimentally up-to present, in the significan fields: gravitation, inertia, relativity, subatomic particles, electromagnetism, light and heat. In the second stage, I have builded a physical unifying model, which encloses, quantitatively and qualitatively,  all those points of measurement (engineer method).

In the standars theories, in the first stage, a new model-hypothesis is conceived. Afterwards, many costly experimental measurements are realized with aim to validate that new hypothesis (lottery method).

My new theory is experimentally aprioristic validated, because the global unifying model is builded exclusive of experimental rigorous measurements.

Thereupon, no bureaucratic acceptance/approval from any authorities is necessary  for   directly and imediately free application of new global unifying model.

Now, I am working a Research Program named GLOBAL SCIENCE, and I will submit it to the significant Sponsors, European Commision and other intelligent guvernors, who understand usefulness of new instrument into research of molecular, enengy and live universes (please see Note).

Enyone may be included in this Program, who will send to me (by e-mail), up to 31 Marts 2006, the follwing data: nume, adress, contact, his research domain/obiective, the research location, estimated his needed cost for 2007 year (correlated with his proposed tasks).

After I will obtain an entire financial covering from Sponsors, I will send to all implicated participants, all  formular application (including the ones raporting the intellectual property).

Before the 30 June 2006, a second circular-letter on GLOBSCI  program, will be send and showed on web-site

We would be grateful if you could pass this first circular-letter to any of your colleagues who are involved inpromoting the useful science.

Thank you in advance, for your cooperation!

Iulian Somacescu, researcher of EuroTehnoConsult


Note: Utilization of the global unifying model within analysis of the subatomic universe, has allowed to obtain rigorous results based on experimental data: description of the fundamental interactions, - gravitation, inertia, electromagnetism, light, relativistic effects, atomic-nuclear forces and heat -,  with  over 50 new physical constants and over 150 new physical equations, many new concepts, etc..

Phenomenons of the subatomic universe manifest themselves in the live universe on our Planet, too.

All live bodies, as from base cell,  are actually kinetic multi-mode clusters  which exist only on the strength of  uninterrupted interactions with the semi-open kinetic media as: the terrestial atmosphere and  the waters of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, within some niches of determinated temperature, pressure and gravity.

In the future, the analysis of nature using the global unifying model, will become a survival need in a medium which become more hostile for ignorants.

The attribute fascinating and plausible, which I  receive from the manifold  readers, means notingh without the utilization of the new model, by my colleague-researchers, within analysis of the live on the Earth.

*(Circular I has been tranmsmitted to over 10,000 researchers)

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