ELISEEVA         Irina

Affiliation and official address:  St. Petersburg University of Statistics and Finance,

21, Sadovaya str.

                                                               191023 St.Petersburg



Date and place of birth:       17.11.1943,  Russia                                                             Nationality: Russian

Education (degrees, dates, universities)

Graduation, 1965, Leningrad Financial and Economic Institute named after N. Voznesenskiy (now St.Petersburg University of Statistics and Finance)

PhD, 1974, Leningrad Financial and Economic Institute named after N. Voznesenskiy

D.Sci., 1984, Leningrad Financial and Economic Institute named after N. Voznesenskiy


Career/Employment (employers, positions and dates)

Leningrad Financial and Economic Institute named after N.Voznesenskiy, assistant, 1965-1968

Ibid, PhD student, 1968-1971

Ibid, assistant, 1971-1974

Ibid, senior lecturer, 1974-1976

Ibid, assistant professor, 1976-1985

Ibid, professor, 1986-1989

Ibid, Chair of the Department of Statistics, 1990-now

Director  of  Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2005-now)

Specialization (specify)


(i)            main field

Statistical methods - general theory, history, social statistics, econometrics

other fields

international science policy


(iii)         current research interest

social statistics, econometrics


Honours, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies


          Leader of Socio-economic research section at St-Petersburg House for Scientists (1986)

          Scientific secretary of St-Petersburg House for Scientists (1994)

          Associate member of Russian Academy of Sciences (1994)

          Academician of International Academy of Higher Education (1994)

          Member of Editorial Committee of All-Russian Journal ''The problems of Statistics'' (1994)

          Member of Editorial Committee of ''Proceedings of St.-Petersburg University of Economics and Finance'' (1994)

          Member of International Statistics Institute (1995)

          Member of European Society of History of Economic Thought (1997)

          Head of Scientific Council for Social - economic problems, St.-Petersburg Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Science.


Number of publications: more than 250

-Number of communications to scientific meetings: 58

- Books:

Structure and functions of family group, Moscow, Finance and Statistics, 1983 (Go - author).

The dynamic of USSR population 1960-1980, Moscow, Finance and Statistics, 1985(co-author).

The poverty in Russia: alternative approach to determination and measurement, Moscow, Centre Carnegi at Moscow 1998 (co - auth).

The History of Statistics, Moscow, Finance and Statistics, 1990 (co - auth).

The General Theory of Statistics. 4-th ed. - Moscow, Finance and Statistics, 1999 (co - auth).